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When to repot


Sooner or later all orchid growers are faced with the task of repotting their plants.  There are basically two reasons to repot an orchid.

1.   The rule to keep in mind here is that orchids would rather be under potted than over potted.  That is, its best to keep the orchid in a pot that's a little to small than on that is too big.  However, if the plant is growing out of or breaking the pot, its time to upsize.

2. The potting media is beginning to break down.  Eventually, nearly every possible type of potting media will begin to break down.  When it does its characteristics will change.  It could begin to hold to little or too much water.  It could begin to release substances that are harmful to the orchids.  Most orchids should be repotted every 1 to 2 years to freshen the media.

A great time to repot is soon after your orchid has flowered and been cut back. 

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